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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trophy Heads for Vegans

So, during my down time while on paternity leave I decided to fill a void in the typical vegans life. Oh the inner confliction you have of wanting a trophy head, but not wanting to waste a life on such decoration.

So yes these are clearly influenced by Picasso's Bull Head (1942), but incorporating relevant details such as actual livestock snout ring and other bicycle components to complete the piece. Even the mounting wire is re-purposed from brake and gear cables. 

The "heads" are made from vintage sprung bicycle seats which are difficult to source, but are completely necessary, as they allow for the inclusion of actual life stock snout rings. The proportions of these old seats fit well with the trophy head representation.

Where can one buy such thing? I'm glad you asked; they are available from the etsy store: figmentORpigment.

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